Do not choose another Montessori school until you have seen this one! AMI certification makes this a true Montessori school. The hands-on learning approach is incredible. The nurturing environment fosters independent thinking, practical life skills, and top-notch academics. My youngest started at the toddler house, and is now in the primary. At the age of 3, she knew all of the continents, in Spanish and English. She was also learning French. The teachers here are so passionate about our children and share a low staff turnover. My oldest daughter started in the primary and is now in her second year of elementary. Her math, spelling and reading are years ahead of her peers. Most impressive is her maturity, vocabulary and logical thinking. We will continue at MIS through 8th grade.

Nikol and Chad Adamski

MIS promotes my daughters' natural curiosity by having a tremendous teaching staff that have a genuine care and concern for each of the students. We visited numerous schools throughout the Valley and none compare to MIS. Despite my children's completely different personalities, they both have truly acquired a love of learning that I attribute to this tremendous school.

Bethany McGarry

Don't be fooled by appearances, this quaint-looking school has transformed our lives. My kids are turning into strong individuals with exceptional academic records - at least we know that we are doing everything that we can to give them a head start. This is one investment that is paying back big dividends. I was amazed when looking for a preschool that MIS was cheaper than most of the day care that we looked at, and they actually teach the children! My kids are now in 2nd and 4th grade with my baby due to start the toddler program soon (looking forward to help with potty training). I have been impressed all the way through, especially with the academic jump that my 4th grader has made moving from lower to upper elementary. Love it, love it, love it!

Jackie McKenzie

Difficult economic make for difficult personal decisions. In recent years, we have had to carefully consider and reevaluate our priorities as a family. The best "investment" we keep making is towards our son's future through his education and development at MIS. Each day my husband and I drive an extra 50 miles just so our son can continue to attend school there. We pass many other good schools on the daily commute, yet we remain convinced that the best school for Matthew is MIS. We know that at MIS he is getting the education, direction, and self-confidence that he will need to become a successful and happy person, independent of us as his parents. The personal attention given to each of the students by their teachers in the elementary classroom allow the children to excel both academically and socially. Lessons are tailored to the individual needs of each child. Our son has not only made huge academic strides while at MIS, but has also learned the importance of expressing himself politely, with kindness and caring. At MIS, it truly is "all about" helping the students.

Kathryn DeBano-Rhodes and Nathan Rhodes