State tax credit for donations

Arizona allows a dollar-for-dollar credit for donations made to scholarship organizations supporting public or private schools. Donations of up to $1,031 for individuals and up to $2,062 for married couples filing jointly are credited directly off of taxes owed to the state.

You can donate money to Montessori International School for scholarships through our scholarship organization, and this money counts as a payment towards the state taxes you owe to Arizona.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make the donation?
You can donate online by credit card before April 15th. If you prefer to donate by check, fill out the mail-in donation form. You can also call the Arizona Tuition Connection at 480-409-4106 to make a donation with your credit card. Be sure to mention that you would like your donation to be used for scholarships at Montessori International School.
How do I claim the credit?
The credit is claimed on your Arizona income tax return. The credit will benefit you only to the extent that you incur an Arizona income tax liability. If your tax liability is under $2,062 (or $1,031 for single or head of household filers), the excess credit will be carried over to the following year.
What happens to the donations?
Your money is used for scholarships, directly benefiting a Montessori International School student during the school year. In order for students to qualify for a scholarship, an application must be filed with the Arizona Tuition Connection (please contact the office to obtain the paperwork). The primary criteria for scholarships will be financial need.
What about matching funds?
Many employers match this type of contribution. Please check with your human resource/benefits department at work. The credit/donation is a wonderful opportunity to support the school—ask everyone you know to participate in this excellent opportunity to help our school and its students.